MEMORIAD can train our brain's capabilities to the highest level
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MEMORIAD, also known as Memorial Competition Simulator, is a free multilingual application that is especially conceived to train us for the World Mental Calculation, Memory & Photographic Reading Olympiad.

The opening window lets us easily switch the language of user interface into English, Spanish, Turkish, German, and French. Then, we are presented with eight categories to train our brain's capabilities in: speed cards, mental addition, numbers marathon, metal multiplication, binary digits, mental square roots, names and faces, and mental calendar dates. Before taking any exercise, we can set the time we need for concentration.

All the activities are offered at master's level. For example, in the "mental calendar dates" exercise, we must try to remember seventy dates (day, month, year, and day of the week), plus the positions in which they appear.

Although in the real Memoriad competition the memorization time cannot be changed, in this simulator, it is possible to adapt the time needed before entering the next level or competition stage. After the test completion, we can view our score and the time we have spent doing the test.

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  • Multilanguage free software
  • Brain training at master's level
  • E-book for free


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